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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Megacyllene
Megacyllene spixi, Megacyllene trifasciata, Megacyllene abnormis, Megacyllene acuta, Megacyllene anacantha, Megacyllene andesiana, Megacyllene angulata, Megacyllene angulifera, Megacyllene antennata, Megacyllene rufofemorata, Megacyllene bonplandi, Megacyllene boryi, Megacyllene caryae, Megacyllene castanea, Megacyllene chalybeata, Megacyllene magna, Megacyllene cleroides, Megacyllene congener, Megacyllene costaricensis, Megacyllene decora, Megacyllene designata, Megacyllene ellifranziana, Megacyllene falsa, Megacyllene hoffmanni, Megacyllene lanei, Megacyllene neblinosa, Megacyllene lutosa, Megacyllene melanaspis, Megacyllene mellyi, Megacyllene murina, Megacyllene panamensis, Megacyllene powersi, Megacyllene proxima, Megacyllene quinquefasciata, Megacyllene robiniae, Megacyllene robusta, Megacyllene rotundicollis, Megacyllene sahlbergi, Megacyllene snowi, Megacyllene spinifera, Megacyllene unicolor, Megacyllene horioni, Megacyllene multiguttata, Megacyllene castroi, Megacyllene latreillei, Megacyllene comanchei, Megacyllene ebenina, Megacyllene tafivallensis, Megacyllene florissantensis, Megacyllene nevermanni, Megacyllene punensis, Megacyllene gaucha, Megacyllene insignita, Megacyllene unicoloricollis