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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Ericales, Ebenaceae, Maba
Maba virgata, Maba bequaertii, Maba bicolor, Maba chrysantha, Maba cooperi, Maba coriacea, Maba dawei, Maba elliotii, Maba lancea, Maba laurentii, Maba lujae, Maba mannii, Maba mayombensis, Maba mildbraedii, Maba nutans, Maba oblongicarpa, Maba ripicola, Maba scabra, Maba secundiflora, Maba tenuifolia, Maba xylopiifolia, Maba cytantha, Maba enosmia, Maba gavi, Maba graboensis, Maba mawambensis, Maba mualala, Maba sudanensis, Maba ubanghensis, Maba fragrans, Maba buxifolia, Maba chrysocarpa, Maba soubreana, Maba forbesii