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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cucujoidea, Coccinellidae, Hyperaspis
Hyperaspis donzeli, Hyperaspis jocosa, Hyperaspis albicollis, Hyperaspis fimbriolata, Hyperaspis osculans, Hyperaspis postica, Hyperaspis silvestrii, Hyperaspis trilineata, Hyperaspis undulata, Hyperaspis proba, Hyperaspis weisei, Hyperaspis rivularis, Hyperaspis globula, Hyperaspis tuckeri, Hyperaspis jovialis, Hyperaspis leachi, Hyperaspis binotata, Hyperaspis haematosticta, Hyperaspis inedita, Hyperaspis octonotata, Hyperaspis signata, Hyperaspis pistillata, Hyperaspis nigrosuturalis, Hyperaspis conviva, Hyperaspis gemina, Hyperaspis bigeminata, Hyperaspis wickhami, Hyperaspis major, Hyperaspis concavus, Hyperaspis lugubris, Hyperaspis lewisii, Hyperaspis lateralis, Hyperaspis pinguis, Hyperaspis excelsa, Hyperaspis pluto, Hyperaspis ornatella, Hyperaspis oculifera, Hyperaspis chapini, Hyperaspis levrati, Hyperaspis deludens, Hyperaspis pratensis, Hyperaspis medialis, Hyperaspis aemulator, Hyperaspis revocans, Hyperaspis triangulum, Hyperaspis esclavium, Hyperaspis uteana, Hyperaspis mckenziei, Hyperaspis connectens, Hyperaspis rotunda, Hyperaspis dobzhanskyi, Hyperaspis gemma, Hyperaspis conspirans, Hyperaspis fastidiosa, Hyperaspis longicoxitis, Hyperaspis significans, Hyperaspis cruenta, Hyperaspis sanctaeritae, Hyperaspis inflexa, Hyperaspis cincta, Hyperaspis caseyi, Hyperaspis schaefferi, Hyperaspis limbalis, Hyperaspis filiola, Hyperaspis binaria, Hyperaspis uniformis, Hyperaspis bensonica, Hyperaspis psyche, Hyperaspis pleuralis, Hyperaspis disrupta, Hyperaspis taeniata, Hyperaspis dissoluta, Hyperaspis nunenmacheri, Hyperaspis senegalensis, Hyperaspis simulatrix, Hyperaspis quadrioculata, Hyperaspis annexa, Hyperaspis arizonica, Hyperaspis oculaticauda, Hyperaspis immaculata, Hyperaspis querquesi, Hyperaspis oregona, Hyperaspis disconotata, Hyperaspis troglodytes, Hyperaspis octavia, Hyperaspis paludicola, Hyperaspis borealis, Hyperaspis consimilis, Hyperaspis spiculinota, Hyperaspis brunnescens, Hyperaspis quadrivittata, Hyperaspis moerens, Hyperaspis punctata, Hyperaspis simulans, Hyperaspis imitator, Hyperaspis jasperensis, Hyperaspis bolteri, Hyperaspis trifurcata, Hyperaspis protensa, Hyperaspis sexverrucata, Hyperaspis centralis