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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Cicindela
Cicindela sexguttata, Cicindela hirticollis, Cicindela dorsalis, Cicindela puritana, Cicindela abdominalis, Cicindela albissima, Cicindela amargosae, Cicindela ancocisconensis, Cicindela arenicola, Cicindela belfragei, Cicindela bellissima, Cicindela blanda, Cicindela cazieri, Cicindela celeripes, Cicindela chlorocephala, Cicindela circumpicta, Cicindela columbica, Cicindela cuprascens, Cicindela cursitans, Cicindela debilis, Cicindela decemnotata, Cicindela denikei, Cicindela denverensis, Cicindela depressula, Cicindela duodecimguttata, Cicindela fera, Cicindela formosa, Cicindela fulgida, Cicindela fulgoris, Cicindela gabbii, Cicindela gratiosa, Cicindela haemorrhagica, Cicindela hamata, Cicindela highlandensis, Cicindela hirtilabris, Cicindela hornii, Cicindela latesignata, Cicindela lemniscata, Cicindela lengi, Cicindela lepida, Cicindela limbalis, Cicindela limbata, Cicindela longilabris, Cicindela macra, Cicindela marginata, Cicindela marginipennis, Cicindela marutha, Cicindela nebraskana, Cicindela nevadica, Cicindela nigrior, Cicindela nigrocoerulea, Cicindela obsoleta, Cicindela ocellata, Cicindela ohlone, Cicindela olivacea, Cicindela oregona, Cicindela pamphila, Cicindela parowana, Cicindela patruela, Cicindela pilatei, Cicindela pimeriana, Cicindela plutonica, Cicindela politula, Cicindela praetextata, Cicindela pugetana, Cicindela pulchra, Cicindela punctulata, Cicindela purpurea, Cicindela repanda, Cicindela rufiventris, Cicindela scabrosa, Cicindela schauppii, Cicindela scutellaris, Cicindela sedecimpunctata, Cicindela senilis, Cicindela severa, Cicindela sperata, Cicindela splendida, Cicindela striga, Cicindela tenuicincta, Cicindela tenuisignata, Cicindela terricola, Cicindela theatina, Cicindela togata, Cicindela tranquebarica, Cicindela trifasciata, Cicindela unipunctata, Cicindela velutinigrens, Cicindela viridisticta, Cicindela wapleri, Cicindela waynei, Cicindela wickhami, Cicindela willistoni, Cicindela californica, Cicindela viridicollis, Cicindela boops, Cicindela suturalis