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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Miroidea, Miridae, Lopidea
Lopidea media, Lopidea ampla, Lopidea anisacanthi, Lopidea apache, Lopidea arizonae, Lopidea balli, Lopidea barberi, Lopidea bifurca, Lopidea bullata, Lopidea caesar, Lopidea chandleri, Lopidea confluenta, Lopidea confraterna, Lopidea cuneata, Lopidea dakota, Lopidea davisi, Lopidea dawsoni, Lopidea eremita, Lopidea falcata, Lopidea falcicula, Lopidea fuscosa, Lopidea gainesi, Lopidea garryae, Lopidea heidemanni, Lopidea hesperus, Lopidea incurva, Lopidea instabilis, Lopidea intermedia, Lopidea lateralis, Lopidea lathyri, Lopidea major, Lopidea marginalis, Lopidea marginata, Lopidea minima, Lopidea minor, Lopidea mohave, Lopidea nicholella, Lopidea nicholi, Lopidea picta, Lopidea pteleae, Lopidea puella, Lopidea robiniae, Lopidea robusta, Lopidea salicis, Lopidea sayi, Lopidea scutata, Lopidea staphyleae, Lopidea taurina, Lopidea teton, Lopidea ute, Lopidea wileyae, Lopidea nigridia, Lopidea bonanza