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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Annelida, Polychaeta, Sabellida, Serpulidae, Hydroides
Hydroides adamaformis, Hydroides alatalateralis, Hydroides albiceps, Hydroides ancorispinus, Hydroides arnoldi, Hydroides augeneri, Hydroides azoricus, Hydroides bandaensis, Hydroides bannerorum, Hydroides bifurcatus, Hydroides bisectus, Hydroides bispinosus, Hydroides brachyacanthus, Hydroides bulbosus, Hydroides calopoma, Hydroides capensis, Hydroides chilensis, Hydroides cruciger, Hydroides dafnii, Hydroides deleoni, Hydroides dianthus, Hydroides dipoma, Hydroides diramphus, Hydroides elegans, Hydroides elegantulus, Hydroides exaltatus, Hydroides externispina, Hydroides ezoensis, Hydroides floridanus, Hydroides furcifer, Hydroides fuscus, Hydroides fusicola, Hydroides gairacensis, Hydroides glandifer, Hydroides gracilis, Hydroides helmatus, Hydroides heterocerus, Hydroides heterofurcatus, Hydroides homoceros, Hydroides huanghaiensis, Hydroides humilis, Hydroides inermis, Hydroides kimberleyensis, Hydroides lambecki, Hydroides longispinosus, Hydroides longistylaris, Hydroides malleolaspinus, Hydroides microtis, Hydroides minax, Hydroides mongeslopezi, Hydroides monroi, Hydroides mucronatus, Hydroides multispinosus, Hydroides nanhaiensis, Hydroides niger, Hydroides nodosus, Hydroides norvegicus, Hydroides novaepommeraniae, Hydroides ochoterena, Hydroides operculatus, Hydroides panamensis, Hydroides parvus, Hydroides perezi, Hydroides plateni, Hydroides protulicola, Hydroides pseudexaltatus, Hydroides pseudouncinatus, Hydroides ralumianus, Hydroides rectus, Hydroides recurvispina, Hydroides rhombobulus, Hydroides rostratus, Hydroides salazarvallejoi, Hydroides sanctaecrucis, Hydroides similis, Hydroides similoides, Hydroides simplidentatus, Hydroides sinensis, Hydroides spiculitubus, Hydroides spiratubus, Hydroides spongicola, Hydroides steinitzi, Hydroides stoichadon, Hydroides tambalagamensis, Hydroides tenhovei, Hydroides trilobulus, Hydroides trivesiculosus, Hydroides trompi, Hydroides tuberculatus, Hydroides uniformis, Hydroides xishaensis