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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Liliopsida, Asparagales, Orchidaceae, Brassia
Brassia allenii, Brassia andreettae, Brassia angusta, Brassia angustilabia, Brassia arachnoidea, Brassia arcuigera, Brassia aurorae, Brassia bennettiorum, Brassia bidens, Brassia brachypus, Brassia caudata, Brassia cauliformis, Brassia chloroleuca, Brassia chlorops, Brassia cochleata, Brassia cyrtopetala, Brassia escobariana, Brassia euodes, Brassia farinifera, Brassia filomenoi, Brassia forgetiana, Brassia gireoudiana, Brassia glumacea, Brassia huebneri, Brassia iguapoana, Brassia jipijapensis, Brassia keiliana, Brassia koehlerorum, Brassia lanceana, Brassia macrostachya, Brassia maculata, Brassia mendozae, Brassia neglecta, Brassia ocanensis, Brassia pascoensis, Brassia peruviana, Brassia pozoi, Brassia pumila, Brassia rhizomatosa, Brassia rolandoi, Brassia signata, Brassia thyrsodes, Brassia transamazonica, Brassia verrucosa, Brassia villosa, Brassia wageneri, Brassia warszewiczii, Brassia suavissima