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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Sarcoptiformes, Lohmannioidea, Lohmanniidae, Papillacarus
Papillacarus abchasicus, Papillacarus aciculatus, Papillacarus aequalis, Papillacarus akimovi, Papillacarus angulatus, Papillacarus arboriseta, Papillacarus chamartinensis, Papillacarus cornutus, Papillacarus cruzae, Papillacarus echinatus, Papillacarus gueyeae, Papillacarus hirsutus, Papillacarus incompletus, Papillacarus koreanus, Papillacarus lienhardi, Papillacarus ogawai, Papillacarus ondriasi, Papillacarus pavlovskii, Papillacarus pseudoaciculatus, Papillacarus punctatus, Papillacarus ramirezae, Papillacarus ramosus, Papillacarus simplirostratus, Papillacarus spinosus, Papillacarus undirostratus, Papillacarus vitis