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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Sarcoptiformes, Oripodoidea, Hemileiidae, Hemileius
Hemileius biclavulus, Hemileius brevilamellatus, Hemileius clavatus, Hemileius copectus, Hemileius elongatus, Hemileius gressitti, Hemileius haydeni, Hemileius hierrensis, Hemileius humeralis, Hemileius initialis, Hemileius laticlava, Hemileius major, Hemileius microclava, Hemileius muscicola, Hemileius nicki, Hemileius proximus, Hemileius quadripilis, Hemileius rectus, Hemileius robustus, Hemileius suramericanus, Hemileius tenuis, Hemileius thujae, Hemileius translamellatus, Hemileius trichosus, Hemileius areolatus, Hemileius asiaticus, Hemileius bellissimus, Hemileius deletus, Hemileius dispar, Hemileius fissuratus, Hemileius formosanus, Hemileius foveolatus, Hemileius glaber, Hemileius heterotrichus, Hemileius indentatus, Hemileius inornatus, Hemileius lagunensis, Hemileius lineatus, Hemileius longisetosus, Hemileius luzonensis, Hemileius nagaii, Hemileius neonominatus, Hemileius papillifer, Hemileius perforatoides, Hemileius perforatus, Hemileius propinquus, Hemileius pseudoareolatus, Hemileius scrobina, Hemileius sculpturatus, Hemileius similis, Hemileius singularis, Hemileius subareolatus, Hemileius thienemanni, Hemileius tuberculatus, Hemileius vermiculatus, Hemileius lanceolatus, Hemileius minimus, Hemileius paratenuis, Hemileius parvus, Hemileius calcaratus, Hemileius flagellatus, Hemileius paraguayensis, Hemileius perlongus, Hemileius punctatus, Hemileius romanicus