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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Formicidae, Monomorium
Monomorium minimum, Monomorium pharaonis, Monomorium abeillei, Monomorium aberrans, Monomorium abyssinicum, Monomorium advena, Monomorium affabile, Monomorium afrum, Monomorium alamarum, Monomorium albopilosum, Monomorium algiricum, Monomorium altinode, Monomorium anceps, Monomorium andrei, Monomorium angustinode, Monomorium annamense, Monomorium antarcticum, Monomorium antipodum, Monomorium aper, Monomorium arboreum, Monomorium areniphilum, Monomorium armstrongi, Monomorium arnoldi, Monomorium atomum, Monomorium australe, Monomorium australicum, Monomorium baal, Monomorium balathir, Monomorium banksi, Monomorium barbatulum, Monomorium bequaerti, Monomorium bevisi, Monomorium bicolor, Monomorium bicorne, Monomorium bimaculatum, Monomorium binatu, Monomorium biroi, Monomorium biroianum, Monomorium bodenheimeri, Monomorium boerorum, Monomorium boltoni, Monomorium borlei, Monomorium brasiliense, Monomorium braunsi, Monomorium broomense, Monomorium butteli, Monomorium buxtoni, Monomorium captator, Monomorium carbo, Monomorium carbonarium, Monomorium centrale, Monomorium chinense, Monomorium chobauti, Monomorium clavicorne, Monomorium compressum, Monomorium consternens, Monomorium crawleyi, Monomorium creticum, Monomorium criniceps, Monomorium croceiventre, Monomorium cryptobium, Monomorium cyaneum, Monomorium dakarense, Monomorium damarense, Monomorium delagoense, Monomorium demisum, Monomorium dentigerum, Monomorium destructor, Monomorium dichroum, Monomorium dictator, Monomorium dilatatum, Monomorium disertum, Monomorium disoriente, Monomorium dolatu, Monomorium donisthorpei, Monomorium drapenum, Monomorium draxocum, Monomorium ebangaense, Monomorium ebeninum, Monomorium edentatum, Monomorium effractor, Monomorium egens, Monomorium elgonense, Monomorium elongatum, Monomorium emarginatum, Monomorium emeryi, Monomorium epinotale, Monomorium ergatogyna, Monomorium esharre, Monomorium evansi, Monomorium excelsior, Monomorium excensurae, Monomorium exchao, Monomorium exiguum, Monomorium falcatum, Monomorium fasciatum, Monomorium fastidium, Monomorium fieldi, Monomorium firmum, Monomorium flavigaster, Monomorium flavipes, Monomorium flavum, Monomorium floricola, Monomorium forcipatum, Monomorium foreli, Monomorium fraterculum, Monomorium fridae, Monomorium fugelanum, Monomorium gabrielense, Monomorium gilberti, Monomorium glabrum, Monomorium grassei, Monomorium guillarmodi, Monomorium guineense, Monomorium hanneli, Monomorium hannonis, Monomorium havilandi, Monomorium hercules, Monomorium herero, Monomorium hesperium, Monomorium hildebrandti, Monomorium hirsutum, Monomorium holothir, Monomorium hospitum, Monomorium howense, Monomorium ilgii, Monomorium ilium, Monomorium imerinense, Monomorium impexum, Monomorium indicum, Monomorium inquietum, Monomorium inquilinum, Monomorium insolescens, Monomorium insulare, Monomorium intrudens, Monomorium invidium, Monomorium iyenasu, Monomorium jacksoni, Monomorium jonesi, Monomorium junodi, Monomorium katir, Monomorium kelapre, Monomorium kempi, Monomorium kiliani, Monomorium kineti, Monomorium kitectum, Monomorium kugitangi, Monomorium laeve, Monomorium lameerei, Monomorium latinode, Monomorium latinodoides, Monomorium leae, Monomorium lene, Monomorium leopoldinum, Monomorium libanicum, Monomorium liliuokalanii, Monomorium lindbergi, Monomorium longi, Monomorium longiceps, Monomorium longipes, Monomorium lubricum, Monomorium luisae, Monomorium luteum, Monomorium macareaveyi, Monomorium macrops, Monomorium madecassum, Monomorium major, Monomorium malamixtum, Monomorium malatu, Monomorium manir, Monomorium mantazenum, Monomorium marjoriae, Monomorium marshi, Monomorium mavide, Monomorium mayri, Monomorium mayrianum, Monomorium medinae, Monomorium mediocre, Monomorium melleum, Monomorium micron, Monomorium micropacum, Monomorium mictile, Monomorium minor, Monomorium mirandum, Monomorium modestum, Monomorium monomorium, Monomorium musicum, Monomorium muticum, Monomorium nengraharicum, Monomorium niloticum, Monomorium nirvanum, Monomorium nitidiventre, Monomorium notulum, Monomorium noualhieri, Monomorium noxitum, Monomorium nuptualis, Monomorium occidaneum, Monomorium occidentale, Monomorium ocellatum, Monomorium opacior, Monomorium opacum, Monomorium ophthalmicum, Monomorium orangiae, Monomorium orientale, Monomorium oscaris, Monomorium osiridis, Monomorium pacis, Monomorium pallidipes, Monomorium pallidum, Monomorium parvinode, Monomorium paternum, Monomorium pergandei, Monomorium personatum, Monomorium phoenicum, Monomorium pilipes, Monomorium pulchrum, Monomorium rabirium, Monomorium rastractum, Monomorium rhopalocerum, Monomorium robustior, Monomorium rogeri, Monomorium rosae, Monomorium rothsteini, Monomorium rotundatum, Monomorium rubriceps, Monomorium rufulum, Monomorium ruzskyi, Monomorium sagei, Monomorium sahlbergi, Monomorium sakalavum, Monomorium salomonis, Monomorium sanguinolentum, Monomorium santschii, Monomorium scabriceps, Monomorium schultzei, Monomorium schurri, Monomorium sculpturatum, Monomorium sechellense, Monomorium senegalense, Monomorium sersalatum, Monomorium setuliferum, Monomorium shilohense, Monomorium shuckardi, Monomorium silvestrii, Monomorium smithii, Monomorium sordidum, Monomorium spatulicorne, Monomorium spectrum, Monomorium speluncarum, Monomorium springvalense, Monomorium sryetum, Monomorium strangulatum, Monomorium subapterum, Monomorium subcoecum, Monomorium subdentatum, Monomorium subopacum, Monomorium sutu, Monomorium sydneyense, Monomorium symmotu, Monomorium syriacum, Monomorium tablense, Monomorium taedium, Monomorium talbotae, Monomorium talpa, Monomorium tanysum, Monomorium taprobanae, Monomorium tchelichofi, Monomorium termitarium, Monomorium termitobium, Monomorium thrascoleptum, Monomorium torvicte, Monomorium trageri, Monomorium trake, Monomorium tricolor, Monomorium triviale, Monomorium turneri, Monomorium tynsorum, Monomorium vaguum, Monomorium valtinum, Monomorium vatranum, Monomorium vecte, Monomorium venustum, Monomorium viator, Monomorium viride, Monomorium vitiense, Monomorium vonatu, Monomorium westi, Monomorium wheelerorum, Monomorium whitei, Monomorium willowmorense, Monomorium wroughtoni, Monomorium wroughtonianum, Monomorium xanthognathum, Monomorium zulu