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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Trichoptera, Hydropsychoidea, Ecnomidae, Austrotinodes
Austrotinodes angustior, Austrotinodes adamsae, Austrotinodes amazonensis, Austrotinodes ancylus, Austrotinodes ariasi, Austrotinodes armiger, Austrotinodes bracteatus, Austrotinodes brevis, Austrotinodes canoabo, Austrotinodes cekalovici, Austrotinodes chihuahua, Austrotinodes contubernalis, Austrotinodes cubanus, Austrotinodes doublesi, Austrotinodes fortunata, Austrotinodes freytagi, Austrotinodes fuscomarginatus, Austrotinodes inbio, Austrotinodes irwini, Austrotinodes lineatus, Austrotinodes madininae, Austrotinodes mexicanus, Austrotinodes neblinensis, Austrotinodes nielseni, Austrotinodes panamensis, Austrotinodes paraguayensis, Austrotinodes picada, Austrotinodes prolixus, Austrotinodes quadrispina, Austrotinodes recta, Austrotinodes recurvatus, Austrotinodes sedmari, Austrotinodes talcanus, Austrotinodes texensis, Austrotinodes triangularis, Austrotinodes tuxtlensis, Austrotinodes uruguayensis