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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Passeriformes, Fringillidae, Serinus
Serinus canaria, Serinus mozambicus, Serinus alario, Serinus albogularis, Serinus ankoberensis, Serinus atrogularis, Serinus buchanani, Serinus burtoni, Serinus canicollis, Serinus capistratus, Serinus citrinelloides, Serinus citrinipectus, Serinus donaldsoni, Serinus dorsostriatus, Serinus estherae, Serinus flavigula, Serinus flaviventris, Serinus gularis, Serinus koliensis, Serinus leucopterus, Serinus leucopygius, Serinus menachensis, Serinus mennelli, Serinus nigriceps, Serinus pusillus, Serinus reichardi, Serinus rothschildi, Serinus rufobrunneus, Serinus scotops, Serinus serinus, Serinus striolatus, Serinus sulphuratus, Serinus symonsi, Serinus syriacus, Serinus thibetanus, Serinus totta, Serinus tristriatus, Serinus xantholaemus, Serinus corsicanus