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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Passeriformes, Emberizidae, Sporophila
Sporophila torqueola, Sporophila albogularis, Sporophila americana, Sporophila ardesiaca, Sporophila bouvreuil, Sporophila bouvronides, Sporophila caerulescens, Sporophila castaneiventris, Sporophila cinnamomea, Sporophila collaris, Sporophila falcirostris, Sporophila frontalis, Sporophila hypochroma, Sporophila hypoxantha, Sporophila insulata, Sporophila intermedia, Sporophila leucoptera, Sporophila lineola, Sporophila luctuosa, Sporophila melanogaster, Sporophila melanops, Sporophila minuta, Sporophila nigricollis, Sporophila nigrorufa, Sporophila palustris, Sporophila peruviana, Sporophila plumbea, Sporophila ruficollis, Sporophila schistacea, Sporophila simplex, Sporophila telasco, Sporophila zelichi, Sporophila corvina, Sporophila murallae