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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Malacostraca, Decapoda, Dorippoidea, Ethusidae, Ethusa
Ethusa abbreviata, Ethusa americana, Ethusa andamanica, Ethusa barbata, Ethusa brevidentata, Ethusa ciliatifrons, Ethusa crassipodia, Ethusa crosnieri, Ethusa curvipes, Ethusa dilatidens, Ethusa foresti, Ethusa furca, Ethusa gracilipes, Ethusa granulosa, Ethusa hawaiiensis, Ethusa hirsuta, Ethusa indica, Ethusa indonesiensis, Ethusa izuensis, Ethusa lata, Ethusa latidactylus, Ethusa longidentata, Ethusa machaera, Ethusa magnipalmata, Ethusa makasarica, Ethusa mascarone, Ethusa microphthalma, Ethusa minuta, Ethusa obliquedens, Ethusa orientalis, Ethusa panamensis, Ethusa parapygmaea, Ethusa philippinensis, Ethusa pygmaea, Ethusa quadrata, Ethusa rosacea, Ethusa rugulosa, Ethusa sexdentata, Ethusa sinespina, Ethusa steyaerti, Ethusa tenuipes, Ethusa thieli, Ethusa truncata, Ethusa vossi, Ethusa zurstrasseni