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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Malacostraca, Decapoda, Dorippoidea, Ethusidae, Ethusina
Ethusina abyssicola, Ethusina alba, Ethusina alcocki, Ethusina beninia, Ethusina bicornuta, Ethusina brevidentata, Ethusina castro, Ethusina challengeri, Ethusina chenae, Ethusina ciliacirrata, Ethusina coronata, Ethusina crenulata, Ethusina desciscens, Ethusina dilobotus, Ethusina dofleini, Ethusina exophthalma, Ethusina faxonii, Ethusina gracilipes, Ethusina huilianae, Ethusina insolita, Ethusina isolata, Ethusina longipes, Ethusina macrospina, Ethusina microspina, Ethusina ocellata, Ethusina paralongipes, Ethusina pubescens, Ethusina robusta, Ethusina rowdeni, Ethusina smithiana, Ethusina somalica, Ethusina stenommata, Ethusina taiwanensis, Ethusina talismani, Ethusina vanuatuensis