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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Melittidae, Melitta
Melitta americana, Melitta californica, Melitta eickworti, Melitta melittoides, Melitta aegyptiaca, Melitta albida, Melitta arrogans, Melitta barbarae, Melitta bicollaris, Melitta budensis, Melitta cameroni, Melitta changmuensis, Melitta danae, Melitta dimidiata, Melitta ezoana, Melitta haemorrhoidalis, Melitta harrietae, Melitta heilungkiangensis, Melitta hispanica, Melitta iberica, Melitta japonica, Melitta kastiliensis, Melitta katherinae, Melitta leporina, Melitta maura, Melitta mongolica, Melitta montana, Melitta murciana, Melitta nigrabdominalis, Melitta nigricans, Melitta piersbakeri, Melitta schmiedeknechti, Melitta schultzei, Melitta seitzi, Melitta tomentosa, Melitta tricincta, Melitta udmurtica, Melitta whiteheadi, Melitta fulvescenta, Melitta latronis, Melitta sibirica, Melitta guichardi, Melitta rasmonti, Melitta melanura