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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Tipuloidea, Limoniidae, Helius
Helius flavipes, Helius mirificus, Helius abnormalis, Helius acanthostyla, Helius aciferus, Helius aka, Helius albogeniculatus, Helius alluaudi, Helius amplus, Helius anaemicus, Helius anamalaiensis, Helius angustalbus, Helius aphrophilus, Helius apicalis, Helius apoensis, Helius apophysalis, Helius araucariae, Helius arcuarius, Helius argyrosternus, Helius arunachalus, Helius ata, Helius atroapicalis, Helius attenuatus, Helius auranticolor, Helius barbatus, Helius bicolor, Helius bifurcus, Helius bigeminatus, Helius bitergatus, Helius boops, Helius brachyphallus, Helius brevinasus, Helius brevioricornis, Helius brevisector, Helius brunneus, Helius cacoxenus, Helius calviensis, Helius camerounensis, Helius capensis, Helius capniopterus, Helius catreus, Helius cavernicolus, Helius chintoo, Helius communis, Helius comoreanus, Helius compactus, Helius connectus, Helius copiosus, Helius corniger, Helius costofimbriatus, Helius costosetosus, Helius creper, Helius ctenonycha, Helius dafla, Helius darlingtonae, Helius deentoo, Helius destitutus, Helius devinctus, Helius diacanthus, Helius dicroneurus, Helius diffusus, Helius distinervis, Helius dolichorhynchus, Helius dugaldi, Helius edwardsianus, Helius eremnophallus, Helius euryphallus, Helius fasciventris, Helius fenestratus, Helius ferruginosus, Helius flavidibasis, Helius flavitarsis, Helius flavus, Helius fragosus, Helius franckianus, Helius fratellus, Helius fulani, Helius fulvithorax, Helius fumicosta, Helius fuscoangustus, Helius fuscofemoratus, Helius garcianus, Helius gibbifer, Helius glabristylatus, Helius gorokanus, Helius gracilirostris, Helius gracillimus, Helius graphipterus, Helius guttulinus, Helius haemorrhoidalis, Helius harrisi, Helius hatschbachi, Helius hispanicus, Helius hova, Helius impensus, Helius imperfectus, Helius inconspicuus, Helius indivisus, Helius inelegans, Helius ineptus, Helius infirmus, Helius invariegatus, Helius invenustipes, Helius iris, Helius japenensis, Helius kambangani, Helius kambanganoides, Helius larotypa, Helius lectus, Helius leucoplaca, Helius lienpingensis, Helius liguliferus, Helius liliputanus, Helius lobuliferus, Helius longinervis, Helius luachimoensis, Helius luniger, Helius mainensis, Helius malagasicus, Helius manueli, Helius matilei, Helius medleri, Helius melanolithus, Helius melanophallus, Helius melanosoma, Helius mesolineatus, Helius mesorhynchus, Helius micracanthus, Helius mimicans, Helius mirabilis, Helius mirandus, Helius mirus, Helius monticola, Helius morosus, Helius mouensis, Helius multivolus, Helius murreensis, Helius myersiellus, Helius nawaianus, Helius neocaledonicus, Helius nigricapella, Helius nigriceps, Helius nigrofemoratus, Helius nimbus, Helius nipponensis, Helius niveitarsis, Helius numenius, Helius obliteratus, Helius obsoletus, Helius oxystylus, Helius pallens, Helius pallidipes, Helius pallidissimus, Helius pallirostris, Helius papuanus, Helius paramorosus, Helius parvidens, Helius patens, Helius pauperculus, Helius pavoninus, Helius pentaneura, Helius perelegans, Helius perflavens, Helius perlongatus, Helius perpallidus, Helius pervenustus, Helius phasmatis, Helius pictus, Helius plebeius, Helius pluto, Helius polionotus, Helius procerus, Helius productellus, Helius protumidus, Helius quadrifidus, Helius quadrivena, Helius rectispina, Helius rectus, Helius regius, Helius reticularis, Helius rostratus, Helius rubicundus, Helius rufescens, Helius rufithorax, Helius sanguinolentus, Helius scabiosus, Helius schildi, Helius selectus, Helius serenus, Helius setigerus, Helius sigillatus, Helius simulator, Helius spinteris, Helius stolidus, Helius subanaemicus, Helius subarcuarius, Helius subfasciatus, Helius submorosus, Helius subobsoletus, Helius subpauperculus, Helius subreticulatus, Helius tantalus, Helius tanyrhinus, Helius taos, Helius tenuirostris, Helius tenuistylus, Helius tetracradus, Helius tienmuanus, Helius tonaleah, Helius trianguliferus, Helius tshinta, Helius unicolor, Helius uniformis, Helius venustissimus, Helius venustus, Helius verticillatus, Helius vitiensis, Helius yindi, Helius albitarsis, Helius allunga, Helius chikurinensis, Helius longirostris, Helius panamensis, Helius stenorhynchus