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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae, Elaphocera
Elaphocera angusta, Elaphocera aristidis, Elaphocera autumnalis, Elaphocera barbara, Elaphocera capdeboni, Elaphocera carteiensis, Elaphocera churianensis, Elaphocera cretica, Elaphocera dalmatina, Elaphocera denticornis, Elaphocera elongata, Elaphocera emarginata, Elaphocera erichsoni, Elaphocera gibbifrons, Elaphocera gracilis, Elaphocera heydeni, Elaphocera hiemalis, Elaphocera hirticollis, Elaphocera hispalensis, Elaphocera insularis, Elaphocera martorellii, Elaphocera staudingeri, Elaphocera sulcatula, Elaphocera suturalis, Elaphocera syriaca, Elaphocera tethys, Elaphocera ampla, Elaphocera cacerensis, Elaphocera christina, Elaphocera erberi, Elaphocera ferreri, Elaphocera ibicensis, Elaphocera lajonquierei, Elaphocera nigroflabellata, Elaphocera ochsi, Elaphocera phungae, Elaphocera segurensis, Elaphocera baguenae, Elaphocera affinis, Elaphocera alonsoi, Elaphocera martini, Elaphocera nupcialis, Elaphocera perezlopezi, Elaphocera roessneri, Elaphocera schmidti, Elaphocera kosensis