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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae, Hyposerica
Hyposerica blanchardi, Hyposerica carinata, Hyposerica castanea, Hyposerica castanipes, Hyposerica cinnamomea, Hyposerica cruciata, Hyposerica dauphinensis, Hyposerica definitiva, Hyposerica defloccata, Hyposerica delecta, Hyposerica delibuta, Hyposerica delumba, Hyposerica disjuncta, Hyposerica geminata, Hyposerica goudoti, Hyposerica grandidieri, Hyposerica grossa, Hyposerica humbloti, Hyposerica inflata, Hyposerica iridescens, Hyposerica klugi, Hyposerica micans, Hyposerica mystica, Hyposerica nucea, Hyposerica pernitida, Hyposerica pexicollis, Hyposerica pierroni, Hyposerica pruinosella, Hyposerica rufina, Hyposerica midongyensis, Hyposerica flavicornis, Hyposerica martialis, Hyposerica submetallica, Hyposerica suturalis, Hyposerica mauritii, Hyposerica vinsoni, Hyposerica abdominalis, Hyposerica tibialis, Hyposerica borbonnica, Hyposerica laevigata, Hyposerica maculata, Hyposerica dorsalis, Hyposerica flaveola, Hyposerica opaca, Hyposerica rosettae, Hyposerica imitans, Hyposerica madagascariensis, Hyposerica fuliginosa, Hyposerica orbiculata, Hyposerica porphyrea, Hyposerica costata, Hyposerica subrugipennis, Hyposerica diegana, Hyposerica courtoisi