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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Passeriformes, Monarchidae, Monarcha
Monarcha godeffroyi, Monarcha takatsukasae, Monarcha axillaris, Monarcha barbatus, Monarcha boanensis, Monarcha brehmii, Monarcha browni, Monarcha castaneiventris, Monarcha castus, Monarcha chrysomela, Monarcha cinerascens, Monarcha erythrostictus, Monarcha everetti, Monarcha frater, Monarcha guttulus, Monarcha infelix, Monarcha julianae, Monarcha leucotis, Monarcha leucurus, Monarcha loricatus, Monarcha manadensis, Monarcha melanopsis, Monarcha menckei, Monarcha mundus, Monarcha pileatus, Monarcha richardsii, Monarcha rubiensis, Monarcha sacerdotum, Monarcha trivirgatus, Monarcha verticalis, Monarcha viduus