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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae, Sericania
Sericania carinata, Sericania fuscolineata, Sericania mimica, Sericania hidana, Sericania galloisi, Sericania angulata, Sericania alternata, Sericania chikuzensis, Sericania kirai, Sericania yamauchii, Sericania lewisi, Sericania koryoensis, Sericania latisulcata, Sericania kurilensis, Sericania quadrifoliata, Sericania shikokuana, Sericania sachalinensis, Sericania awana, Sericania elongata, Sericania kadowakii, Sericania kobayashii, Sericania kompira, Sericania marginata, Sericania ohirai, Sericania miyakei, Sericania opaca, Sericania serripes, Sericania tohokuensis, Sericania matusitai, Sericania ohtakei, Sericania sinuata, Sericania kashmirensis, Sericania heinzi, Sericania pacis, Sericania babaulti, Sericania dispar, Sericania poonchensis, Sericania torva, Sericania loebli, Sericania swatensis, Sericania hazarensis, Sericania besucheti, Sericania khagana, Sericania dubiosa, Sericania piattellai, Sericania gilgitensis, Sericania mara, Sericania mela, Sericania kleebergi, Sericania bhojpurensis, Sericania laeticula, Sericania costulata, Sericania nepalensis, Sericania yamayai