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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae, Gnaphalopoda
Gnaphalopoda aenea, Gnaphalopoda baladica, Gnaphalopoda curticollis, Gnaphalopoda deslongchampsi, Gnaphalopoda leptopoda, Gnaphalopoda opacina, Gnaphalopoda porcata, Gnaphalopoda punctatissima, Gnaphalopoda pygialis, Gnaphalopoda seriata, Gnaphalopoda varians, Gnaphalopoda fallax, Gnaphalopoda lepida, Gnaphalopoda lugubris, Gnaphalopoda porosa, Gnaphalopoda scissiceps, Gnaphalopoda spinicollis, Gnaphalopoda suspiciosa, Gnaphalopoda undata, Gnaphalopoda fauveli, Gnaphalopoda montrouzieri, Gnaphalopoda kraussi, Gnaphalopoda piceus, Gnaphalopoda brookesi, Gnaphalopoda ascia, Gnaphalopoda austrina, Gnaphalopoda carnei, Gnaphalopoda crassa, Gnaphalopoda eremia, Gnaphalopoda frons, Gnaphalopoda lesouefi, Gnaphalopoda lirella, Gnaphalopoda proxima, Gnaphalopoda solida, Gnaphalopoda bidentata, Gnaphalopoda biloba, Gnaphalopoda unidentata, Gnaphalopoda tridentata