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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae, Sericesthis
Sericesthis antennalis, Sericesthis armaticeps, Sericesthis consanguinea, Sericesthis erosa, Sericesthis geminata, Sericesthis harti, Sericesthis ino, Sericesthis micans, Sericesthis nemoralis, Sericesthis nigrolineata, Sericesthis parallela, Sericesthis parvipes, Sericesthis suturalis, Sericesthis tetrica, Sericesthis vigilans, Sericesthis rectangula, Sericesthis insularis, Sericesthis nigra, Sericesthis accola, Sericesthis anepsia, Sericesthis bisetosa, Sericesthis brooksi, Sericesthis calignea, Sericesthis carnei, Sericesthis cinnamea, Sericesthis coolumensis, Sericesthis egens, Sericesthis elderi, Sericesthis fovea, Sericesthis ignota, Sericesthis illawarrae, Sericesthis incisa, Sericesthis incola, Sericesthis iris, Sericesthis janetae, Sericesthis latens, Sericesthis lutea, Sericesthis magna, Sericesthis major, Sericesthis metincisa, Sericesthis minima, Sericesthis miskoi, Sericesthis palumae, Sericesthis propria, Sericesthis proxima, Sericesthis rufescens, Sericesthis serena, Sericesthis stipata, Sericesthis storeyi, Sericesthis suberosa, Sericesthis vera