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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Rutelidae, Parastasia
Parastasia bigibbosa, Parastasia brevipes, Parastasia confluens, Parastasia ferrieri, Parastasia kraatzi, Parastasia montrouzieri, Parastasia quadrimaculata, Parastasia dolens, Parastasia bimaculata, Parastasia marmorata, Parastasia nigriceps, Parastasia nigroscutellata, Parastasia percheroni, Parastasia assimilis, Parastasia nigromaculata, Parastasia novoguineensis, Parastasia alternata, Parastasia discolor, Parastasia melanocephala, Parastasia melanocephaloides, Parastasia oberthueri, Parastasia rufolimbata, Parastasia andamanica, Parastasia basalis, Parastasia bicolor, Parastasia binotata, Parastasia birmana, Parastasia canaliculata, Parastasia cingala, Parastasia coquereli, Parastasia ephippium, Parastasia moseri, Parastasia polita, Parastasia rufonigra, Parastasia rufopicta, Parastasia sulcata, Parastasia sulcipennis, Parastasia sumbawana, Parastasia anomala, Parastasia burmeisteri, Parastasia duchoni, Parastasia femorata, Parastasia gestroi, Parastasia incurva, Parastasia indica, Parastasia marginata, Parastasia moultoni, Parastasia nigripennis, Parastasia punctulata, Parastasia ruficollis, Parastasia westwoodii, Parastasia circumferens, Parastasia diversipennis, Parastasia helleri, Parastasia kinibalensis, Parastasia laratina, Parastasia pascoei, Parastasia vittata, Parastasia dimidiata, Parastasia wallacea, Parastasia sawadai, Parastasia tanaensis, Parastasia pulupuluensis, Parastasia intermedia, Parastasia ochracea, Parastasia andamanae, Parastasia aberrans, Parastasia dalatina, Parastasia exophthalma, Parastasia glottidion, Parastasia lobata, Parastasia maluku, Parastasia selangorica, Parastasia stella, Parastasia terraereginae, Parastasia weberi, Parastasia xanthopyga, Parastasia hitomi, Parastasia carsteni, Parastasia sakaii, Parastasia asahi, Parastasia yasutoshii, Parastasia lombokensis, Parastasia vietnamensis, Parastasia fakfakensis, Parastasia kuijteni, Parastasia kolakana, Parastasia takeshii, Parastasia negrosensis, Parastasia masumotoi, Parastasia fujiokai, Parastasia mitsumata, Parastasia takahikoi, Parastasia kangeanensis, Parastasia dempuensis, Parastasia christmasensis, Parastasia peterzorni, Parastasia tenomensis, Parastasia jamesonae, Parastasia hainanensis, Parastasia isidai