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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae, Heriades
Heriades bruneri, Heriades carinatus, Heriades cressoni, Heriades crucifer, Heriades currani, Heriades gracilior, Heriades leavitti, Heriades micheneri, Heriades micropthalma, Heriades occidentalis, Heriades texanus, Heriades timberlakei, Heriades variolosus, Heriades albiscopanus, Heriades aldabranus, Heriades alfkeni, Heriades ambiguus, Heriades angusticeps, Heriades angustulus, Heriades apriculus, Heriades arcuatellus, Heriades arnoldi, Heriades bequaerti, Heriades binghami, Heriades binodosus, Heriades bouyssoui, Heriades brage, Heriades burgeoni, Heriades canaliculatus, Heriades capicola, Heriades chariensis, Heriades chrysogaster, Heriades chubbi, Heriades cingulatus, Heriades civicus, Heriades clavicornis, Heriades crenulatus, Heriades curviventris, Heriades dalmaticus, Heriades diminutus, Heriades discrepans, Heriades ellenbergeri, Heriades erythrosoma, Heriades eximius, Heriades fertoni, Heriades filicornis, Heriades flocciferus, Heriades freygessneri, Heriades frontosus, Heriades fuelleborni, Heriades fujiyamai, Heriades fulvescens, Heriades fulvohispidus, Heriades gibbosus, Heriades hercules, Heriades hierosolomitus, Heriades hissaricus, Heriades impressus, Heriades ingogoensis, Heriades labiatus, Heriades langenburgicus, Heriades laosellus, Heriades latipes, Heriades libericus, Heriades longicornis, Heriades longispinis, Heriades macrognatus, Heriades mamilliferus, Heriades mandibularis, Heriades microstictus, Heriades mundulus, Heriades nasiferus, Heriades nitescens, Heriades nodulosus, Heriades orientalis, Heriades ornaticornis, Heriades otavicus, Heriades othonis, Heriades pachyacanthus, Heriades paganensis, Heriades patellus, Heriades perminutus, Heriades phthisicus, Heriades plumosus, Heriades pogonura, Heriades pretorii, Heriades psiadiae, Heriades punctulatus, Heriades punctulifer, Heriades rowlandi, Heriades rufifrons, Heriades sakishimanus, Heriades sauteri, Heriades schwarzi, Heriades scutellatus, Heriades seyrigi, Heriades shestakovi, Heriades sinuatus, Heriades spiniscutis, Heriades strictifrons, Heriades subfrontosus, Heriades sulcatiferus, Heriades sulcatifrons, Heriades sulcatulus, Heriades tenuis, Heriades testaceicornis, Heriades trigibbiferus, Heriades truncorum, Heriades turcomanicus, Heriades ustulatus, Heriades wellmani, Heriades wilmattae, Heriades xanthogaster, Heriades yunnanensis, Heriades abessinicus, Heriades debilicornis, Heriades fulleborni, Heriades glomerans, Heriades perpolitus, Heriades prionsa, Heriades usakensis, Heriades victoriae, Heriades ammodendri, Heriades cancavus, Heriades rubicolus, Heriades parvulus