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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Maxillopoda, Harpacticoida, Tisbidae, Tisbe
Tisbe angusta, Tisbe clodiensis, Tisbe compacta, Tisbe cluthae, Tisbe dilatata, Tisbe elegantula, Tisbe elongata, Tisbe ensifer, Tisbe finmarchica, Tisbe graciloides, Tisbe gurneyi, Tisbe longicornis, Tisbe minor, Tisbe reticulata, Tisbe tenella, Tisbe tenera, Tisbe celata, Tisbe cucumariae, Tisbe ianthina, Tisbe inflata, Tisbe johnsoni, Tisbe longipes, Tisbe monozota, Tisbe robusta, Tisbe trisetosa, Tisbe variana, Tisbe wilsoni, Tisbe furcata, Tisbe battagliai, Tisbe biminiensis, Tisbe bocqueti, Tisbe bulbisetosa, Tisbe carolinensis, Tisbe dobzhanskii, Tisbe eurypleura, Tisbe gracilis, Tisbe holothuriae, Tisbe inflatiseta, Tisbe lagunaris, Tisbe lanci, Tisbe marmorata, Tisbe parviseta, Tisbe pentataenia, Tisbe pori, Tisbe varians, Tisbe varipes, Tisbe bermudensis