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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Primates, Pitheciidae, Callicebus
Callicebus personatus, Callicebus moloch, Callicebus modestus, Callicebus donacophilus, Callicebus olallae, Callicebus oenanthe, Callicebus cinerascens, Callicebus hoffmannsi, Callicebus brunneus, Callicebus cupreus, Callicebus caligatus, Callicebus dubius, Callicebus torquatus, Callicebus baptista, Callicebus barbarabrownae, Callicebus coimbrai, Callicebus medemi, Callicebus melanochir, Callicebus nigrifrons, Callicebus ornatus, Callicebus pallescens, Callicebus bernhardi, Callicebus stephennashi, Callicebus discolor, Callicebus lucifer, Callicebus lugens, Callicebus purinus, Callicebus regulus