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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Rutelidae, Strigoderma
Strigoderma angulicollis, Strigoderma castor, Strigoderma catamaya, Strigoderma columbica, Strigoderma contracta, Strigoderma festiva, Strigoderma heraldica, Strigoderma longicollis, Strigoderma orbicularis, Strigoderma popillioides, Strigoderma sallaei, Strigoderma vestita, Strigoderma costulata, Strigoderma arboricola, Strigoderma biolleyi, Strigoderma lampra, Strigoderma nodulosa, Strigoderma pimalis, Strigoderma sulcipennis, Strigoderma tomentosa, Strigoderma tucumana, Strigoderma viridicollis, Strigoderma costulipennis, Strigoderma floricola, Strigoderma haenschi, Strigoderma marginata, Strigoderma mexicana, Strigoderma peruviensis, Strigoderma protea, Strigoderma pygmaea, Strigoderma rutelina, Strigoderma teapensis, Strigoderma villosula, Strigoderma exigua, Strigoderma auriventris, Strigoderma chalybeicollis, Strigoderma callosa, Strigoderma knausi, Strigoderma micans, Strigoderma physopleura, Strigoderma costarica, Strigoderma guatimalicus, Strigoderma presidii