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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Maxillopoda, Harpacticoida, Ectinosomatidae, Halectinosoma
Halectinosoma abrau, Halectinosoma angulifrons, Halectinosoma brevirostre, Halectinosoma brunneum, Halectinosoma cooperatum, Halectinosoma curticorne, Halectinosoma distinctum, Halectinosoma elongatum, Halectinosoma erythrops, Halectinosoma fimmarchicum, Halectinosoma gothiceps, Halectinosoma gracile, Halectinosoma herdmani, Halectinosoma longicorne, Halectinosoma mixtum, Halectinosoma oblongum, Halectinosoma paraspinicauda, Halectinosoma propinquum, Halectinosoma proximum, Halectinosoma sarsi, Halectinosoma spinicauda, Halectinosoma tenerum, Halectinosoma chislenki, Halectinosoma chrystalli, Halectinosoma finmarchicum, Halectinosoma intermedium, Halectinosoma kunzi, Halectinosoma littorale, Halectinosoma longisetosum, Halectinosoma ornatum, Halectinosoma similidistinctum, Halectinosoma neglectum, Halectinosoma armiferum, Halectinosoma canaliculatum, Halectinosoma dimorphum, Halectinosoma inhacae, Halectinosoma monardi, Halectinosoma paradistinctum, Halectinosoma pterinum, Halectinosoma rouchi, Halectinosoma tenuireme, Halectinosoma travei, Halectinosoma uniarticulatum, Halectinosoma unicum, Halectinosoma valeriae, Halectinosoma winonae