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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Sarcoptiformes, Achipterioidea, Achipteriidae, Achipteria
Achipteria acuta, Achipteria armata, Achipteria bentonensis, Achipteria bicarinata, Achipteria borealis, Achipteria catskillensis, Achipteria clarencei, Achipteria coleoptrata, Achipteria cucullata, Achipteria curta, Achipteria elegans, Achipteria hasticeps, Achipteria holomonensis, Achipteria italica, Achipteria languida, Achipteria longesensillus, Achipteria longisetosa, Achipteria minuta, Achipteria moderatior, Achipteria nuda, Achipteria oregonensis, Achipteria oudemansi, Achipteria praeoccupata, Achipteria quadridentata, Achipteria regalis, Achipteria sellnicki, Achipteria serrata, Achipteria setulosa, Achipteria sumatrensis, Achipteria verrucosa, Achipteria alpestris, Achipteria imperfecta