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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Sarcoptiformes, Licneremaeoidea, Passalozetidae, Bipassalozetes
Bipassalozetes berndhauseri, Bipassalozetes bidactylus, Bipassalozetes deserticus, Bipassalozetes elegans, Bipassalozetes gobiensis, Bipassalozetes intermedius, Bipassalozetes lineolatus, Bipassalozetes mahunkai, Bipassalozetes microsculptratus, Bipassalozetes mongolicus, Bipassalozetes moniles, Bipassalozetes nitidus, Bipassalozetes pectinatus, Bipassalozetes perforatus, Bipassalozetes permixtus, Bipassalozetes pilosus, Bipassalozetes reticulatus, Bipassalozetes rugosus, Bipassalozetes strenzkei, Bipassalozetes striatus, Bipassalozetes tibialis, Bipassalozetes vicinus, Bipassalozetes wolwekransensis, Bipassalozetes asper, Bipassalozetes linearis, Bipassalozetes sabulosus