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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalus
Harpalus puncticeps, Harpalus rufibarbis, Harpalus rufipes, Harpalus faunus, Harpalus pensylvanicus, Harpalus hatchi, Harpalus liobasis, Harpalus protractus, Harpalus texanus, Harpalus longicollis, Harpalus actiosus, Harpalus bicolor, Harpalus paratus, Harpalus erythropus, Harpalus caliginosus, Harpalus erraticus, Harpalus retratus, Harpalus indianus, Harpalus affinis, Harpalus amputatus, Harpalus fraternus, Harpalus lecontei, Harpalus lewisi, Harpalus laticeps, Harpalus animosus, Harpalus viduus, Harpalus egregius, Harpalus pimalicus, Harpalus hoppingi, Harpalus funerarius, Harpalus alienus, Harpalus spadiceus, Harpalus carolinae, Harpalus ventralis, Harpalus indigens, Harpalus fulvilabris, Harpalus megacephalus, Harpalus cordifer, Harpalus carbonatus, Harpalus pellax, Harpalus intactus, Harpalus futilis, Harpalus stupidus, Harpalus somnulentus, Harpalus celox, Harpalus uteanus, Harpalus peritus, Harpalus pleuriticus, Harpalus fallax, Harpalus herbivagus, Harpalus mansuetus, Harpalus nigritarsis, Harpalus fanaticus, Harpalus seclusus, Harpalus fuliginosus, Harpalus atrichatus, Harpalus innocuus, Harpalus macilentus, Harpalus paululus, Harpalus alaskensis, Harpalus cautus, Harpalus provensis, Harpalus obnixus, Harpalus opacipennis, Harpalus coloradensis, Harpalus mobilis, Harpalus ellipsis, Harpalus fractus, Harpalus antiphon, Harpalus vespertinus, Harpalus plenalis, Harpalus ochropus, Harpalus desertus, Harpalus socors, Harpalus curticornis, Harpalus maxwelli, Harpalus clandestinus, Harpalus furtivus, Harpalus nitescens, Harpalus probatus, Harpalus clientus, Harpalus illeticus, Harpalus malacus, Harpalus nugax, Harpalus fulgens, Harpalus tadorcus, Harpalus corpulentus, Harpalus cuncticeps, Harpalus huachua, Harpalus stepheni, Harpalus obliquus, Harpalus cohni, Harpalus regressus, Harpalus gravis, Harpalus depressicollis, Harpalus cyrtonotoides, Harpalus martini, Harpalus albionicus