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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Pseudoscorpiones, Cheliferoidea, Cheliferidae, Dactylochelifer
Dactylochelifer copiosus, Dactylochelifer silvestris, Dactylochelifer amurensis, Dactylochelifer anatolicus, Dactylochelifer arabicus, Dactylochelifer balearicus, Dactylochelifer beieri, Dactylochelifer besucheti, Dactylochelifer brachialis, Dactylochelifer dolichodactylus, Dactylochelifer falsus, Dactylochelifer gansuensis, Dactylochelifer gobiensis, Dactylochelifer gracilis, Dactylochelifer gruberi, Dactylochelifer infuscatus, Dactylochelifer intermedius, Dactylochelifer kaszabi, Dactylochelifer kerzhneri, Dactylochelifer kussariensis, Dactylochelifer ladakhensis, Dactylochelifer lindbergi, Dactylochelifer lobatschevi, Dactylochelifer marlausicola, Dactylochelifer maroccanus, Dactylochelifer martensi, Dactylochelifer minor, Dactylochelifer mongolicola, Dactylochelifer monticola, Dactylochelifer mrciaki, Dactylochelifer nubicus, Dactylochelifer pallidus, Dactylochelifer popovi, Dactylochelifer redikorzevi, Dactylochelifer ressli, Dactylochelifer saharensis, Dactylochelifer scaurus, Dactylochelifer scheuerni, Dactylochelifer shinkaii, Dactylochelifer somalicus, Dactylochelifer spasskyi, Dactylochelifer syriacus, Dactylochelifer vtorovi, Dactylochelifer latreillii