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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Alcyonacea, Plexauridae, Echinogorgia
Echinogorgia abietina, Echinogorgia armata, Echinogorgia asper, Echinogorgia aurantiaca, Echinogorgia cerea, Echinogorgia complexa, Echinogorgia flabellum, Echinogorgia flexilis, Echinogorgia flora, Echinogorgia furfuracea, Echinogorgia gracillima, Echinogorgia granifera, Echinogorgia humilis, Echinogorgia macrospiculata, Echinogorgia mertoni, Echinogorgia modesta, Echinogorgia multispinosa, Echinogorgia noumea, Echinogorgia pinnata, Echinogorgia ramulosa, Echinogorgia rebekka, Echinogorgia reticulata, Echinogorgia ridleyi, Echinogorgia sassapo, Echinogorgia sphaerophora, Echinogorgia spinosa, Echinogorgia studeri, Echinogorgia toombo, Echinogorgia umbratica, Echinogorgia verrucosa