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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Antipatharia, Antipathidae, Antipathes
Antipathes americana, Antipathes arborea, Antipathes assimilis, Antipathes atlantica, Antipathes brooki, Antipathes caribbeana, Antipathes ceylonensis, Antipathes chamaemorus, Antipathes chota, Antipathes columnaris, Antipathes contorta, Antipathes curvata, Antipathes cylindrica, Antipathes delicatula, Antipathes dendrochristos, Antipathes densa, Antipathes dichotoma, Antipathes elegans, Antipathes erinaceus, Antipathes flabellum, Antipathes fragilis, Antipathes fruticosa, Antipathes furcata, Antipathes galapagensis, Antipathes gallensis, Antipathes glutinata, Antipathes gracilis, Antipathes grandiflora, Antipathes grandis, Antipathes grayi, Antipathes herdmanni, Antipathes indistincta, Antipathes irregularis, Antipathes lenta, Antipathes lentipinna, Antipathes longibrachiata, Antipathes minor, Antipathes nilanduensis, Antipathes pauroclema, Antipathes plana, Antipathes plantagenista, Antipathes pseudodichotoma, Antipathes regularis, Antipathes rhipidion, Antipathes rubra, Antipathes rubusiformis, Antipathes salicoides, Antipathes sarothrum, Antipathes sealarki, Antipathes sibogae, Antipathes simplex, Antipathes simpsoni, Antipathes speciosa, Antipathes spinulosa, Antipathes tenuispina, Antipathes ternatensis, Antipathes thamnoides, Antipathes umbratica, Antipathes valdiviae, Antipathes viminalis, Antipathes virgata, Antipathes zoothallus