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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Alcyonacea, Nephtheidae, Lemnalia
Lemnalia acutispiculata, Lemnalia africana, Lemnalia amabilis, Lemnalia bantayensis, Lemnalia benayahui, Lemnalia bournei, Lemnalia carnosa, Lemnalia cervicornis, Lemnalia crassicaulis, Lemnalia digitata, Lemnalia elegans, Lemnalia exilis, Lemnalia faustinoi, Lemnalia flava, Lemnalia fragilis, Lemnalia gracilis, Lemnalia grandispina, Lemnalia humesi, Lemnalia jukesii, Lemnalia laevis, Lemnalia longiramus, Lemnalia madagascarensis, Lemnalia nitida, Lemnalia peristyla, Lemnalia philippinensis, Lemnalia rhabdota, Lemnalia scasa, Lemnalia squamifera, Lemnalia tenuis, Lemnalia terminalis, Lemnalia tixierae, Lemnalia umbellata, Lemnalia zimmeri