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Catalogue of Life
Amphibians and Reptiles
Animalia, Chordata, Reptilia, Squamata, Scincidae, Ctenotus
Ctenotus agrestis, Ctenotus alacer, Ctenotus alleni, Ctenotus allotropis, Ctenotus angusticeps, Ctenotus aphrodite, Ctenotus arcanus, Ctenotus ariadnae, Ctenotus arnhemensis, Ctenotus astarte, Ctenotus astictus, Ctenotus atlas, Ctenotus australis, Ctenotus borealis, Ctenotus brachyonyx, Ctenotus brooksi, Ctenotus burbidgei, Ctenotus calurus, Ctenotus capricorni, Ctenotus catenifer, Ctenotus coggeri, Ctenotus colletti, Ctenotus decaneurus, Ctenotus delli, Ctenotus dux, Ctenotus ehmanni, Ctenotus essingtonii, Ctenotus eurydice, Ctenotus eutaenius, Ctenotus fallens, Ctenotus gagudju, Ctenotus gemmula, Ctenotus grandis, Ctenotus greeri, Ctenotus hanloni, Ctenotus hebetior, Ctenotus helenae, Ctenotus hilli, Ctenotus impar, Ctenotus ingrami, Ctenotus inornatus, Ctenotus joanae, Ctenotus kurnbudj, Ctenotus labillardieri, Ctenotus lancelini, Ctenotus lateralis, Ctenotus leae, Ctenotus leonhardii, Ctenotus maryani, Ctenotus mastigura, Ctenotus militaris, Ctenotus mimetes, Ctenotus monticola, Ctenotus nasutus, Ctenotus nigrilineatus, Ctenotus nullum, Ctenotus olympicus, Ctenotus pallescens, Ctenotus pantherinus, Ctenotus piankai, Ctenotus pulchellus, Ctenotus quattuordecimlineatus, Ctenotus quinkan, Ctenotus rawlinsoni, Ctenotus regius, Ctenotus rimacolus, Ctenotus robustus, Ctenotus rubicundus, Ctenotus rufescens, Ctenotus rutilans, Ctenotus saxatilis, Ctenotus schevilli, Ctenotus schomburgkii, Ctenotus septenarius, Ctenotus serotinus, Ctenotus serventyi, Ctenotus severus, Ctenotus spaldingi, Ctenotus storri, Ctenotus strauchii, Ctenotus striaticeps, Ctenotus stuarti, Ctenotus taeniolatus, Ctenotus tanamiensis, Ctenotus tantillus, Ctenotus terrareginae, Ctenotus uber, Ctenotus vertebralis, Ctenotus xenopleura, Ctenotus youngsoni, Ctenotus zastictus, Ctenotus zebrilla, Ctenotus iapetus, Ctenotus rosarium