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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Noctuidae, Angitia
Angitia albicauda, Angitia albirufa, Angitia andrevia, Angitia attina, Angitia caliginosa, Angitia camptosema, Angitia carneopicta, Angitia crepuscula, Angitia directa, Angitia eriopica, Angitia esmeralda, Angitia esthera, Angitia flavidorsum, Angitia fuscosa, Angitia grandis, Angitia hermione, Angitia ithaca, Angitia ligneola, Angitia medioplica, Angitia melamera, Angitia mesoscota, Angitia ochriplaga, Angitia onerosa, Angitia orestes, Angitia poliosema, Angitia pulchra, Angitia seminigra, Angitia thacia, Angitia tiresias, Angitia tristigma, Angitia viridans