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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Noctuidae, Cobubatha
Cobubatha tortricopsis, Cobubatha umbrifera, Cobubatha albipectus, Cobubatha balteata, Cobubatha bipars, Cobubatha catada, Cobubatha chihuahua, Cobubatha coamona, Cobubatha damozelo, Cobubatha dimidata, Cobubatha dreptica, Cobubatha euproptopa, Cobubatha flavofasciata, Cobubatha gilda, Cobubatha goyanensis, Cobubatha hippotes, Cobubatha hirasa, Cobubatha icria, Cobubatha idicra, Cobubatha inquaesita, Cobubatha ipilla, Cobubatha limbatus, Cobubatha luda, Cobubatha luxuriosa, Cobubatha metaspilaris, Cobubatha millidice, Cobubatha monada, Cobubatha munna, Cobubatha nubidice, Cobubatha numa, Cobubatha ochrocraspis, Cobubatha olivacea, Cobubatha orcidia, Cobubatha orthodoxica, Cobubatha paidica, Cobubatha paistion, Cobubatha periusia, Cobubatha petulans, Cobubatha pinax, Cobubatha punctifinis, Cobubatha putnami, Cobubatha quadrifera, Cobubatha rilla, Cobubatha rustica, Cobubatha scobina, Cobubatha semipallida, Cobubatha subterminata