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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Trichoptera, Limnephiloidea, Brachycentridae, Micrasema
Micrasema charonis, Micrasema wataga, Micrasema rusticum, Micrasema bennetti, Micrasema scotti, Micrasema sprulesi, Micrasema rickeri, Micrasema burksi, Micrasema bactro, Micrasema dimicki, Micrasema gelidum, Micrasema morosum, Micrasema abbreviatum, Micrasema abhavyam, Micrasema adhacharam, Micrasema adhiram, Micrasema aigisthos, Micrasema alexanderi, Micrasema anatolicum, Micrasema apratitam, Micrasema arizonicum, Micrasema asajjanam, Micrasema asuro, Micrasema avadhiritam, Micrasema baitinum, Micrasema bifoliatum, Micrasema borneense, Micrasema bricco, Micrasema canusa, Micrasema cenerentola, Micrasema consimile, Micrasema dabhram, Micrasema difficile, Micrasema diteris, Micrasema etra, Micrasema extremum, Micrasema fortiso, Micrasema gabusi, Micrasema genjiroense, Micrasema gentile, Micrasema hakonense, Micrasema hanasense, Micrasema helveio, Micrasema jihmam, Micrasema karunam, Micrasema kripanam, Micrasema kurilicum, Micrasema longulum, Micrasema mencilis, Micrasema microcephalum, Micrasema minimum, Micrasema moestum, Micrasema naevum, Micrasema nepalicum, Micrasema nigrum, Micrasema onisca, Micrasema oregonum, Micrasema ozarkanum, Micrasema primoricum, Micrasema punjaubi, Micrasema quadrilobum, Micrasema salardum, Micrasema scissum, Micrasema sericeum, Micrasema servatum, Micrasema setiferum, Micrasema togatum, Micrasema turbo, Micrasema uenoi, Micrasema vestitum, Micrasema philomele, Micrasema prokne, Micrasema tereus