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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Trichoptera, Hydroptiloidea, Hydroptilidae, Hydroptila
Hydroptila ajax, Hydroptila albicornis, Hydroptila amoena, Hydroptila armata, Hydroptila consimilis, Hydroptila decia, Hydroptila delineata, Hydroptila hamata, Hydroptila remita, Hydroptila spatulata, Hydroptila tusculum, Hydroptila vala, Hydroptila virgata, Hydroptila waskesia, Hydroptila waubesiana, Hydroptila xella, Hydroptila xoncla, Hydroptila perdita, Hydroptila grandiosa, Hydroptila pecos, Hydroptila scolops, Hydroptila angusta, Hydroptila gunda, Hydroptila rono, Hydroptila ampoda, Hydroptila berneri, Hydroptila callia, Hydroptila fiskei, Hydroptila guinola, Hydroptila latosa, Hydroptila strepha, Hydroptila tortosa, Hydroptila englishi, Hydroptila talladega, Hydroptila tineoides, Hydroptila acadia, Hydroptila denza, Hydroptila dodgei, Hydroptila lonchera, Hydroptila metoeca, Hydroptila nicoli, Hydroptila novicola, Hydroptila pullata, Hydroptila quinola, Hydroptila carolae, Hydroptila salmo, Hydroptila spinata, Hydroptila triloba, Hydroptila valhalla, Hydroptila wakulla, Hydroptila wyomia, Hydroptila arctia, Hydroptila argosa, Hydroptila dentata, Hydroptila icona, Hydroptila maculata, Hydroptila melia, Hydroptila meralda, Hydroptila mexicana, Hydroptila modica, Hydroptila paschia, Hydroptila perplexa, Hydroptila phileos, Hydroptila protera, Hydroptila xera, Hydroptila tridentata, Hydroptila poirrieri, Hydroptila ouachita, Hydroptila disgalera, Hydroptila lenora, Hydroptila abantica, Hydroptila abbotti, Hydroptila acinacis, Hydroptila acuminata, Hydroptila acuta, Hydroptila acutangulata, Hydroptila adana, Hydroptila aegyptia, Hydroptila africana, Hydroptila aierensis, Hydroptila alabama, Hydroptila alara, Hydroptila aldricki, Hydroptila ancistrion, Hydroptila andalusiaca, Hydroptila angulata, Hydroptila angulifera, Hydroptila angustata, Hydroptila anisoforficata, Hydroptila annulicornis, Hydroptila antennopedia, Hydroptila antilliarum, Hydroptila apalachicola, Hydroptila apiculata, Hydroptila argentinica, Hydroptila armathai, Hydroptila artesa, Hydroptila asymmetrica, Hydroptila batang, Hydroptila begap, Hydroptila bengkoka, Hydroptila berkait, Hydroptila biankii, Hydroptila bibir, Hydroptila bidens, Hydroptila bifurcata, Hydroptila bispina, Hydroptila blicklei, Hydroptila botosaneanui, Hydroptila brailovskyi, Hydroptila brigittae, Hydroptila brincki, Hydroptila brissaga, Hydroptila broweri, Hydroptila bugata, Hydroptila bumbulensis, Hydroptila bureschi, Hydroptila calcara, Hydroptila calundoensis, Hydroptila campanulata, Hydroptila capensis, Hydroptila caperata, Hydroptila catamarcensis, Hydroptila chattanooga, Hydroptila cheaha, Hydroptila chelops, Hydroptila cintrana, Hydroptila circangula, Hydroptila cognata, Hydroptila constricta, Hydroptila coreana, Hydroptila cornea, Hydroptila cornuta, Hydroptila cortensis, Hydroptila coscaroni, Hydroptila cottaquilla, Hydroptila coweetensis, Hydroptila crenata, Hydroptila cretosa, Hydroptila cruciata, Hydroptila cubana, Hydroptila cuneata, Hydroptila curvata, Hydroptila dampfi, Hydroptila daun, Hydroptila dayung, Hydroptila dejaloni, Hydroptila desertorum, Hydroptila dikirilagoda, Hydroptila ditalea, Hydroptila dominicana, Hydroptila dorsoprocessuata, Hydroptila elongata, Hydroptila engywuck, Hydroptila eramosa, Hydroptila erkakanae, Hydroptila extrema, Hydroptila fiorii, Hydroptila flinti, Hydroptila fonsorontina, Hydroptila forcipata, Hydroptila fortunata, Hydroptila fowlesi, Hydroptila friedeli, Hydroptila fuentaldeala, Hydroptila fuentelarbola, Hydroptila furcata, Hydroptila furcilla, Hydroptila furcula, Hydroptila furtiva, Hydroptila fuscina, Hydroptila gandhara, Hydroptila gapdoi, Hydroptila gaya, Hydroptila giama, Hydroptila giudicellorum, Hydroptila grenadensis, Hydroptila grucheti, Hydroptila gurdi, Hydroptila halus, Hydroptila hamistyla, Hydroptila harpeodes, Hydroptila helicina, Hydroptila helmali, Hydroptila hirra, Hydroptila hochyangha, Hydroptila hoffmannae, Hydroptila holzenthali, Hydroptila homochitta, Hydroptila howelli, Hydroptila hubenovi, Hydroptila idefix, Hydroptila incertula, Hydroptila inornata, Hydroptila insignis, Hydroptila insubrica, Hydroptila isabellae, Hydroptila itoi, Hydroptila ivisa, Hydroptila jackmanni, Hydroptila jaruma, Hydroptila jeanae, Hydroptila judithae, Hydroptila kalonichtis, Hydroptila kaschgari, Hydroptila kebawah, Hydroptila kieneri, Hydroptila kirilawela, Hydroptila klapperichi, Hydroptila koropa, Hydroptila koryaki, Hydroptila kuehnei, Hydroptila kumanskii, Hydroptila kurukepitiya, Hydroptila lacandona, Hydroptila lagoi, Hydroptila laloka, Hydroptila lennoxi, Hydroptila libanica, Hydroptila licina, Hydroptila lidah, Hydroptila lingigi, Hydroptila lloganae, Hydroptila longifilis, Hydroptila longissimus, Hydroptila losida, Hydroptila lotensis, Hydroptila manavgatensis, Hydroptila maoae, Hydroptila mariatheresae, Hydroptila martini, Hydroptila martorelli, Hydroptila matsuii, Hydroptila mazumbaiensis, Hydroptila medinai, Hydroptila mendli, Hydroptila metteei, Hydroptila micropotamis, Hydroptila misolha, Hydroptila mitirigalla, Hydroptila molsonae, Hydroptila morogorensis, Hydroptila moselyi, Hydroptila mugla, Hydroptila narifer, Hydroptila neoleonensis, Hydroptila ngaythibaya, Hydroptila oakmulgeensis, Hydroptila obscura, Hydroptila occulta, Hydroptila oguranis, Hydroptila oneili, Hydroptila ornithocephala, Hydroptila ortaca, Hydroptila ovacikensis, Hydroptila palestinae, Hydroptila panchaoi, Hydroptila parachelops, Hydroptila paralatosa, Hydroptila paramoena, Hydroptila parapiculata, Hydroptila parastrepha, Hydroptila parthava, Hydroptila patriciae, Hydroptila pectinifera, Hydroptila pedemontana, Hydroptila pheniancia, Hydroptila phoeniciae, Hydroptila pintal, Hydroptila potosina, Hydroptila producta, Hydroptila pulchricornis, Hydroptila pulestoni, Hydroptila quadrifida, Hydroptila quinaria, Hydroptila recurvata, Hydroptila reducta, Hydroptila rheni, Hydroptila rhodica, Hydroptila roberta, Hydroptila robusta, Hydroptila ruffoi, Hydroptila rumpun, Hydroptila sabit, Hydroptila sandersoni, Hydroptila sanghala, Hydroptila sauca, Hydroptila scamandra, Hydroptila scheiringi, Hydroptila sederhana, Hydroptila segitiga, Hydroptila selvatica, Hydroptila sengavi, Hydroptila serrata, Hydroptila setigera, Hydroptila sicilicula, Hydroptila sidong, Hydroptila sikanda, Hydroptila simplex, Hydroptila simulans, Hydroptila sinuosa, Hydroptila spada, Hydroptila spangleri, Hydroptila sparsa, Hydroptila spirula, Hydroptila starmuehlneri, Hydroptila stellifera, Hydroptila sudip, Hydroptila sumanmalie, Hydroptila surinamensis, Hydroptila sylvestris, Hydroptila tagus, Hydroptila takamaka, Hydroptila tanduka, Hydroptila tannerorum, Hydroptila tasmanica, Hydroptila taurica, Hydroptila terbela, Hydroptila thaphena, Hydroptila thiba, Hydroptila thisa, Hydroptila thuna, Hydroptila tiani, Hydroptila tigurina, Hydroptila tobaga, Hydroptila tombolhitam, Hydroptila tong, Hydroptila touroumaya, Hydroptila traunica, Hydroptila trilobata, Hydroptila trullata, Hydroptila tumpul, Hydroptila tuscaloosa, Hydroptila uncinata, Hydroptila unicuspis, Hydroptila upulmalie, Hydroptila usambarensis, Hydroptila usuguronis, Hydroptila valesiaca, Hydroptila varla, Hydroptila vazquezae, Hydroptila vectis, Hydroptila venezuelensis, Hydroptila veracruzensis, Hydroptila vichtaspa, Hydroptila viganoi, Hydroptila vilaverde, Hydroptila vittata, Hydroptila voticia, Hydroptila warisa, Hydroptila wetumpka, Hydroptila zairiensis, Hydroptila ziddensis, Hydroptila arethusa, Hydroptila artemis, Hydroptila asteria, Hydroptila astraia, Hydroptila atalante, Hydroptila atargatis, Hydroptila ate, Hydroptila auge, Hydroptila aurora, Hydroptila autonoe, Hydroptila baukis, Hydroptila bellona, Hydroptila carara, Hydroptila eileithyia, Hydroptila ernstreichli, Hydroptila maritza, Hydroptila maza, Hydroptila mcgregori, Hydroptila nusagandia, Hydroptila osa, Hydroptila paradenza, Hydroptila phaon, Hydroptila rastrilla, Hydroptila singri, Hydroptila tomah