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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Neogastropoda, Conoidea, Raphitomidae, Raphitoma
Raphitoma aequalis, Raphitoma alternans, Raphitoma arnoldi, Raphitoma atropurpurea, Raphitoma bedoyai, Raphitoma bernardoi, Raphitoma bicolor, Raphitoma bofilliana, Raphitoma bracteata, Raphitoma christfriedi, Raphitoma concinna, Raphitoma contigua, Raphitoma corbis, Raphitoma cordieri, Raphitoma corimbensis, Raphitoma cylindracea, Raphitoma densa, Raphitoma divae, Raphitoma echinata, Raphitoma elegans, Raphitoma erronea, Raphitoma horrida, Raphitoma kabuli, Raphitoma laviae, Raphitoma leufroyi, Raphitoma linearis, Raphitoma lineolata, Raphitoma mirabilis, Raphitoma nivea, Raphitoma pallaryi, Raphitoma papillosa, Raphitoma philberti, Raphitoma pruinosa, Raphitoma pseudohystrix, Raphitoma pupoides, Raphitoma purpurea, Raphitoma servaini, Raphitoma spadiana, Raphitoma tomentosa, Raphitoma villaria, Raphitoma volutella, Raphitoma zelotypa