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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Cixiidae, Oecleus
Oecleus capitulata, Oecleus acuta, Oecleus addenda, Oecleus augur, Oecleus patula, Oecleus pellucens, Oecleus perpicta, Oecleus pontifex, Oecleus productus, Oecleus balli, Oecleus biflagellata, Oecleus bilineata, Oecleus brunnea, Oecleus borealis, Oecleus campestris, Oecleus chrisjohni, Oecleus concinna, Oecleus cuculla, Oecleus decens, Oecleus epetrion, Oecleus excavata, Oecleus fulvidorsum, Oecleus glochin, Oecleus jenniferae, Oecleus lineata, Oecleus lyra, Oecleus martharum, Oecleus minima, Oecleus monolipennis, Oecleus netrion, Oecleus netron, Oecleus obrieni, Oecleus obtusa, Oecleus palton, Oecleus quadrileneata, Oecleus rhion, Oecleus seminiger, Oecleus snowi, Oecleus subreflexa, Oecleus teapae, Oecleus tenella, Oecleus troxanon, Oecleus vates, Oecleus venosa