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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Apidae, Melissoptila
Melissoptila micheneri, Melissoptila otomita, Melissoptila albinoi, Melissoptila aliceae, Melissoptila amazonica, Melissoptila argentina, Melissoptila aurea, Melissoptila aureocincta, Melissoptila bahiana, Melissoptila boliviana, Melissoptila bonaerensis, Melissoptila buzzii, Melissoptila cacerensis, Melissoptila carinata, Melissoptila catamarcensis, Melissoptila chilena, Melissoptila claudii, Melissoptila clypeata, Melissoptila cnecomala, Melissoptila dama, Melissoptila desiderata, Melissoptila ecuatoriana, Melissoptila fiebrigi, Melissoptila fulvonigra, Melissoptila grafi, Melissoptila hirsutula, Melissoptila inducens, Melissoptila larocai, Melissoptila marinonii, Melissoptila mielkei, Melissoptila minarum, Melissoptila mirnae, Melissoptila montanicola, Melissoptila moureana, Melissoptila ochromelaena, Melissoptila ornata, Melissoptila pacifica, Melissoptila paraguayensis, Melissoptila paranaensis, Melissoptila plumata, Melissoptila pubescens, Melissoptila renatoi, Melissoptila richardiae, Melissoptila sertanicola, Melissoptila setigera, Melissoptila sexcincta, Melissoptila similis, Melissoptila solangeae, Melissoptila tandilensis, Melissoptila thoracica, Melissoptila trifasciata, Melissoptila uncicornis, Melissoptila villosa, Melissoptila vulpecula, Melissoptila flaviventris