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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Amblypygi, Charinoidea, Charinidae, Charinus
Charinus abbatei, Charinus acaraje, Charinus acosta, Charinus africanus, Charinus asturias, Charinus australianus, Charinus bengalensis, Charinus bordoni, Charinus brasilianus, Charinus camachoi, Charinus caribensis, Charinus centralis, Charinus cubensis, Charinus decu, Charinus dhofarensis, Charinus dominicanus, Charinus eleonorae, Charinus fagei, Charinus gertschi, Charinus insularis, Charinus ioanniticus, Charinus koepckei, Charinus madagascariensis, Charinus milloti, Charinus montanus, Charinus muchmorei, Charinus mysticus, Charinus neocaledonicus, Charinus pakistanus, Charinus papuanus, Charinus pardillalensis, Charinus pecki, Charinus pescotti, Charinus platnicki, Charinus quinteroi, Charinus schirchii, Charinus seychellarum, Charinus socotranus, Charinus stygochthobius, Charinus tomasmicheli, Charinus troglobius, Charinus tronchonii, Charinus wanlessi