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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Not assigned, Fissurelloidea, Fissurellidae, Diodora
Diodora aguayoi, Diodora arcuata, Diodora arnoldi, Diodora aspera, Diodora australis, Diodora benguelensis, Diodora bermudensis, Diodora bollonsi, Diodora calyculata, Diodora canariensis, Diodora cayenensis, Diodora corbicula, Diodora cruciata, Diodora crucifera, Diodora delicata, Diodora dorsata, Diodora dysoni, Diodora elevata, Diodora elizabethae, Diodora fargoi, Diodora fluviana, Diodora fragilis, Diodora funiculata, Diodora fuscocrenulata, Diodora galeata, Diodora gibberula, Diodora graeca, Diodora granifera, Diodora harrassowitzi, Diodora italica, Diodora jaumei, Diodora jukesii, Diodora levicostata, Diodora lincolnensis, Diodora lineata, Diodora listeri, Diodora meta, Diodora minuta, Diodora mirifica, Diodora namibiensis, Diodora occidua, Diodora octagona, Diodora parviforata, Diodora patagonica, Diodora producta, Diodora punctifissa, Diodora quadriradiata, Diodora rueppellii, Diodora sarasuae, Diodora sayi, Diodora sculptilis, Diodora serae, Diodora sieboldii, Diodora singaporensis, Diodora spreta, Diodora tanneri, Diodora ticaonica, Diodora variegata, Diodora vetula, Diodora viridula, Diodora wetmorei