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Catalogue of Life
Other organisms
Bacteria, Actinobacteria, Actinobacteria, Actinomycetales, Pseudonocardiaceae, Amycolatopsis
Amycolatopsis alba, Amycolatopsis albidoflavus, Amycolatopsis azurea, Amycolatopsis balhimycina, Amycolatopsis benzoatilytica, Amycolatopsis lurida, Amycolatopsis decaplanina, Amycolatopsis eurytherma, Amycolatopsis fastidiosa, Amycolatopsis halotolerans, Amycolatopsis japonica, Amycolatopsis jejuensis, Amycolatopsis kentuckyensis, Amycolatopsis keratiniphila, Amycolatopsis coloradensis, Amycolatopsis mediterranei, Amycolatopsis lexingtonensis, Amycolatopsis vancoresmycina, Amycolatopsis methanolica, Amycolatopsis minnesotensis, Amycolatopsis palatopharyngis, Amycolatopsis plumensis, Amycolatopsis pretoriensis, Amycolatopsis rifamycinica, Amycolatopsis rubida, Amycolatopsis sacchari, Amycolatopsis sulphurea, Amycolatopsis taiwanensis, Amycolatopsis tolypomycina, Amycolatopsis thermoflava, Amycolatopsis orientalis