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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Orthoptera, Acridoidea, Acrididae, Propedies
Propedies microsanguineus, Propedies viriosus, Propedies sanguineus, Propedies rehni, Propedies quadripunctatus, Propedies paraensis, Propedies gigas, Propedies fusiformis, Propedies christianeae, Propedies cerasinus, Propedies caliginosus, Propedies bilobus, Propedies olivaceus, Propedies nanus, Propedies auricularis, Propedies rubripennis, Propedies lineaalba, Propedies aequalis, Propedies lobipennis, Propedies pseudogeniculatus, Propedies gracilis, Propedies geniculatus, Propedies boliviensis, Propedies mutinus, Propedies viridis, Propedies rubripes, Propedies roppai, Propedies paraguayensis, Propedies lacertosus, Propedies juani, Propedies hebardi, Propedies eurycercis, Propedies dilatus, Propedies castaneum, Propedies brevifacies, Propedies bipunctatus, Propedies oculeus, Propedies mulleus, Propedies matogrossensis, Propedies martini