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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha, Schendylidae, Schendylops
Schendylops anamariae, Schendylops andesicola, Schendylops amazonicus, Schendylops bakeri, Schendylops bolivianus, Schendylops borellii, Schendylops brasilianus, Schendylops caledonicus, Schendylops colombianus, Schendylops continuus, Schendylops coscaroni, Schendylops demangei, Schendylops demartini, Schendylops demelloi, Schendylops dentifer, Schendylops edentatus, Schendylops elegantulus, Schendylops fieldi, Schendylops gounellei, Schendylops gracilis, Schendylops attemsi, Schendylops australis, Schendylops interfluvius, Schendylops iguapensis, Schendylops labbanus, Schendylops lesnei, Schendylops lomanus, Schendylops longitarsis, Schendylops luederwaldi, Schendylops madariagensis, Schendylops marchantariae, Schendylops maroccanus, Schendylops minutus, Schendylops nealotus, Schendylops oligopus, Schendylops olivaceus, Schendylops pallidus, Schendylops pampeanus, Schendylops paolettii, Schendylops paraguayensis, Schendylops parahybae, Schendylops paucidens, Schendylops paulista, Schendylops perditus, Schendylops peruanus, Schendylops placcii, Schendylops polypus, Schendylops potosius, Schendylops janauarius, Schendylops mesopotamicus, Schendylops pumicosus, Schendylops schubarti, Schendylops sublaevis, Schendylops titicacaensis, Schendylops tropicus, Schendylops varipictus, Schendylops verhoeffi, Schendylops virgingordae