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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Rutelidae, Lobogeniates
Lobogeniates abdominalis, Lobogeniates alvarengai, Lobogeniates alvinus, Lobogeniates apicalis, Lobogeniates bicolor, Lobogeniates borgmeieri, Lobogeniates brasiliensis, Lobogeniates brevior, Lobogeniates catharinae, Lobogeniates catullus, Lobogeniates collaris, Lobogeniates curvidens, Lobogeniates elegans, Lobogeniates espiritosantensis, Lobogeniates flavipes, Lobogeniates flavolineatus, Lobogeniates frontatus, Lobogeniates fuscopunctatus, Lobogeniates hirtus, Lobogeniates immaculatus, Lobogeniates laticosta, Lobogeniates marronus, Lobogeniates nigricans, Lobogeniates nigripennis, Lobogeniates palleolus, Lobogeniates perezalcalai, Lobogeniates pilicrus, Lobogeniates punctipennis, Lobogeniates sericopygus, Lobogeniates signatus, Lobogeniates signicollis, Lobogeniates tucumanensis, Lobogeniates waraputanus, Lobogeniates sinopensis, Lobogeniates panamaensis